Rockbiocide RA-26

Rockbiocide RA-26 is a water based combination of various bactericides, suitable for preservation of broad range of water based products.


Appearance Clear liquid
Nature PCMC aldehyde derivatives
Ionity Nonionic
PH (1:10 solution) 5 - 6
Solubility Fully soluble in water and most polar organic solvents
Storage life Min 12 months in good condition
Storage condition The product must not be stored below 10°C .
Below this temperature the oil becomes turbid, and then it must be warmed to 25-30° and stirred thoroughly before using.
Safety According to our best experience, it hasn't any harmful effect on health

Application & Recommendation

Rockbiocide RA-26 can be used in dispersion paints, plasters, polymers, glues, adhesives, sealants, household products. It can be used between 0.05 - 0.3%.

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