2-EthyleHexyleAcetate is a nonionic silicone emulsion with high concentration activity for various purposes.


2-Ethyl hexyl acetate is soluble in following chemicals:
Cellulose nitrate, Chlorinated rubber, Some grades of acrylic emulsions, Urea formaldehyde resins, Rosin, Stand oils, DOP (Di octyl phthalate), DBP (Di butyl phthalate), DOA (Di octyl adipate)

2-Ethyl hexyl acetate is insoluble in following chemicals:
Melamine formaldehyde resins, Shellac, poly vinyl acetate, polyamides, LDPE, HDPE, PVC.

2-Ethyl hexyl acetate
can be stored in tanks constructed from normal carbon steel (e.g. A 283 grade) or aluminum. In this case, measure must be adopted to exclude atmospheric moisture, as otherwise the product's quality may be impaired (increase in acid value and moisture content; discoloration by rust in steel tanks). If severe demands are imposed on the quality of the 2-Ethyl hexyl acetate , it should be stored in stainless steel tanks. We advise against galvanized or tinplated iron tanks. Drums containing the product must be kept tightly closed in a well-ventilated place.

Application & Recommendation

This product is soluble in chloroform, ether and insoluble in water and alcohol. Also It is soluble in Isopropanol alcohols, ethanol, tuluene, xylene, buthyle acetate and acetone. 


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