Rockawax PE(BUB)-30

Rockawax PE-30 is a Non-oxidized polyethylene wax emulsion used in floor polishing


Appearance Translucent to milky liquid
Nature Polyethylene Wax emulsion
PH(10% solution) 9 - 10
Solid content % 30 ± 1
Stability It must be kept in alkaline conditions
Storage life 12 months under RT conditions
Safety According to our best experience, it hasn't any harmful effect on health.

Application & Recommendation

This product is usable in buff able and unbuff able floor polishes. It offers an excellent buff ability, durability, scuff resistance, high gloss, and slip resistance. It is compatible with alkaline-soluble resins. Its dosage of consumption is between 4-14 % of the weight of total formulation.




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