Rockapon RCP

Rockapon RCP is a booster detergency, preventer of incrustation and redeposition polymer. It can be used for low phosphate and phosphate free detergents.


Appearance Clear viscose liquid
Nature Acrylic copolymer
Average M.W 70,000
Solid Content 45±1
Bulk Density 1.29-1.3
Viscosity 25°C (rpm 60) 2500-4000
PH(10% solution) 8±0.5
Residue monomer max 0.3%
Safety According to our best experience, it hasn't any harmful effect on health.

Application & Recommendation

Rockapon RCP disperses suspended solids inhibit incoustation and and soil from being deposited. It can be used in all grades of detergent such as household, cleaners and also with all range of anionic and nonionic emulsifiers and soaps.


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